7 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is quite simply a shift in consciousness.

Spiritual awakening is not the ‘be all end all’ of spiritual development, it’s simply the tipping point, an initiation into the process of fully awakening to view reality through an enlightened perspective. An awakened state is one where you are connected to your higher self, and to higher consciousness, present and aware.

Spiritual awakening is not something another person can do for you, and it’s not simply remembering your psychic gifts and abilities. Spiritual awakening can only be felt and experienced by you through your own body, mind, and sprint. It is not a one time event, just like waking up in physical life, awakening is something you do every day. Spiritual awakening is an ongoing and ever unfolding process…

Awakening is the walk along your divinely guided path towards fully remembering yourself as a conscious and ethical being. Spiritual awakening begins the process of turning away from layers of illusion present in the physical world, and choosing to become aware of who you really are, and what is really true.

Spiritual Awakening is not a challenging thing. Catalysts, sometimes incredibly painful, like a dark night of the soul can lead to a spiritual awakening. Being attached to the illusions of the cultural dream as they are being crushed can also cause all sorts of challenges related to the awakening process. But these aren’t really symptoms of a spiritual awakening, more symptoms of struggling to let go of illusions and going with the flow. This is where some people can run into difficulty in the awakening process.

Awakening is a shift in consciousness

Awakening itself is simply a shift in consciousness, and from this new perspective, everything else in reality begins to shift around you as well.

The reality of the situation is that spiritual awakening can be effortless, as you simply let go of layers of illusion, and move towards authenticity, integrity, unconditional love, and truth.

Spiritual awakening is a beautiful and powerful time as you take the first steps down a path of infinite possibility. With awakening comes with a choice. Do you choose to serve yourself, or to serve and love others recognizing your connection and the Divine in All?

The signs of a Spiritual Awakening are different for everyone. Awakening really can be a magnificent and magical time, though some are challenged by knowing the truth and not wanting to let go of the illusion.

Here are the most common signs you’re moving in the direction of aligning with the Divine, with your Higher Self, and with Higher Consciousness.

7 Real Signs of Spiritual Awakening

  • Experiencing Unconditional Love as a state of being.
  • Clearly seeing, knowing, or feeling what is real… “Getting the bigger picture”.
  • A lack of interest in looking outside of yourself for completion.
  • Experiencing blissful moments of serenity, peace, and love.
  • Recognizing the beauty and magic of the Divine present within every moment, and within everything.
  • Feeling and Experiencing your energy centers opening and activating.
  • Being aware of yourself as a spiritual being present in physical form, One with All That Is.

If you’re experiencing these things… You’re experiencing spiritual awakening. Fatigue, anxiety, and feeling disconnected are symptoms which can be caused by a variety of reasons, but the above signs are almost always connected to the awakening process, and result from strengthening your connection with the Divine.

Just remember, this is only the beginning of a new voyage of discovery you will continue to walk in every moment. Seek the truth, seek love, and step into remembering who you really are, and what is really true.

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