Beaming LOVE

How would you like to become a shining component of the Universal Light, receive it and beam it around you?

In the beginning you will need to do this exercise in the privacy of a room but very soon you should be able to do it anywhere you go.

Always start with a breathing exercise 4-2-4 where you breath in slowly and count to 4. Then keep it in for 2 seconds and then release all the mental and physical toxins crowding you

Repeat this exercise 3 times focusing on the breath going through your nose and then your lungs and staying with the breath as it leaves your body.

When you feel calm, bring to your mind images of a moment when you experienced LOVE in your life. And it can be a moment of awe of nature or the love you felt at a baby or a puppy. So bring some details of this moment that are inscribed in colors, smells, images, sounds etc.

When birds start to chirp, connect with your heart and slightly squeeze it (just a tensing of your left shoulder) and you will realize that your heart is like a pump that you can activate at will.

And send this love around you, to your family and friends, to the people you meet, to the stranger you encounter, beam love.

How Neo-Ren is that?

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