Are you neo-ren?


Neo is a prefix from the ancient Greek word for young, new
Ren: As in Renaissance (the word Renaissance literally means “rebirth” in French)

A new cultural movement has taken root and is expanding rapidly around us. Have you noticed the tectonic shift happening in all areas of life? Do you wish to be a part of it? Can you afford to miss it? 

       NEO-REN: A Definition

What is Neo-ren?

To Be a Neo-Ren

While it is true that we are witnessing an alarming increase in sectarian violence and hatred in the world, it clearly appears that we have also entered into a new awakening amid an amazing technological revolution. These advances have produced a change in thought process and a re-evaluation of our belief systems, all signs of the emergence of a new era.

The previous Renaissance started as a cultural movement in Italy in the dark Medieval period and later spread to the rest of Europe, leading to phenomenal transformations and innovations in all areas of society.

Today we are experiencing a gigantic rise in consciousness from people who embark on self-discovery journeys through different paths, connect with their own power and transform their ways to love and protect all of Life.  These processes have all in common a quest to reach a state of profound relaxation, health, loving kindness and happiness.

At the same time, with technology, we now have the knowledge of the world available at our fingertips, allowing us to research and learn about every subject possible. While medical and naturopathy advances led to the discovery of how natural compounds may enhance life, promote health, and increase longevity. And as if this was not enough for the present generation, we also have at our disposal a plethora of new magical tools to create, communicate and share with practically anyone on earth.

And these are only some of the visible components emerging simultaneously around us today that will shape the future and that we call Neo-Ren. This movement, borne on the wings of many different initiatives present similar markings of the dawn of a new era: a novel understanding of our true nature and an aspiration to live in harmony with All. Consciousness of the beauty and unity of the Universe ensues and joy and love effortlessly flow in your life and towards all of creation.

So if this resonates with you, if this seems natural and apropos, if you want to ride and embrace this wave, then you are a Neo-Ren and I invite you to join us to learn and apply our minds to understand, share, practice and promote consciousness, joy and love around us while creating and sharing the marvels offered to us.

How Neo-Ren is that?

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