Brain food: What foods will stimulate the third eye


The pineal gland, also known as the third eye, is famous for the secretion of hormones important in the proper functioning of the body, including melatonin. The pineal gland is considered by practitioners of yoga and a center neurotransmitter that supports the expansion of consciousness.

Called by scientists and epiphysis, this gland serves as the body’s internal clock, helping us to integrate into the natural rhythm of our environment. Through its hormonal secretions are “informed” when to sleep, but we help and adapt when changing season or when we enter puberty. Blocking the pineal gland leads to slow thyroid, digestive problems, circulation problems, confusion, disorientation, mental disorders, lack of creativity but also lower IQ.

When you begin to practice yoga and want to progress in spiritual as quickly, you must pay attention to this third eye, he is the one who supports you throughout your evolution. Since in most cases the pineal gland is used to its minimum capacity, need to do some work in order to “wake up”. A proper functioning of the pineal gland brings hormonal balance in terms of your body, help you have a restful sleep, play your creativity and generally gives you a good feeling and support experiences spiritual nature – Here are some foods that helps you unlock the third eye!

Boron-rich foods – not only have a lot of benefits for your bones and balances mushii and testosterone secretion, but improving perception. Also known as boron removes flowers, which we know is toxic to the epiphysis of the body. Boron you find in vegetables, pears, raisins, beans, peanuts, hazelnuts, lentils and peanut butter.

Garlic – experts recommend eating garlic to stimulate the pineal gland. Half a clove of garlic a day is more than enough for proper functioning.

Oil of oregano – apart from inflammatory and antibacterial properties which it has oregano oil dissolve calcium deposits that block third eye.

Most importantly though, if you want to activate the third eye, to meditate. Stress blocks the action of the pineal gland and creates imbalances throughout the body. Do not waste the power of the glands and exploits the capabilities that the third eye has.

Take control of your thoughts, actions and on your life. Get the state of indifference and do something for you. Yoga will help you discover yourself, to accept yourself, to love yourself and evolve. Indra Devi used to say that “yoga is the path to freedom and by their constant practice can free us from fear, confusion, and loneliness.”

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