The Theory of Everything, Quantum Atom Theory


This video explains the forward momentum of Time uniting quantum mechanics and classical mechanics into one unified theory. Modern physics is divided into two parts the quantum physics of probability and the classical physics of Newton with his laws of motion.

Only a hidden variable could explain the probability of quantum mechanics uniting physics. The problem is such a variable would have to affect all the matter of the Universe from its creation to the present day. But there is one variable that has done just that the variable is Time itself. In physics there is no understanding of the forward momentum of Time.

But in Quantum Atom Theory Time is created at the quantum level of the atoms by the emission and absorption of electromagnetic radiation from one atom to another. When light comes in contact with electrons on the surface of an atom there will be a photon electron coupling. This will cause a quantum leap of energy creating a wave function of future possibilities. In this way two dimensional space on the surface of an atom expands into three dimension spacetime.

The wave function will take the form of a light sphere of quantized wave fronts. Each wave front will be quantized at the lowest level that radiant energy can affect matter the Planck constant. Because it is impossible to achieve absolute zero atoms will continuously radiate out wave fronts when a wave front comes in contact with another atom it will collapse into a moment of Time and then the next wave front will create the next moment in a chain reaction creating the forward momentum of Time. The probability of the Uncertainty Principle is the same probability that the observer will have with any future event.

How Neo-Ren is this?

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