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What’s the best iPad stylus for painting, sketching & drawing on iPad?


Adobe has introduced its own stylus called the Ink, which comes with a companion in the form of a ruler called Slide. Ink & Slide are designed to be used with the iPad and four free creative iPad apps: Adobe Illustrator Line, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch and Brush CC.
How Neo-Ren is this?

The market for computer-created artwork is growing

LONDON — Is digital art the next big thing in the contemporary art world?

At the moment, the market for art that’s created and displayed on a screen — as distinct from paintings, prints and photos that are generated digitally and then printed — is small. Phillips’s inaugural “Paddles ON!” sale of 20 digital and digitally-related works in New York last October, held in association with the image-posting site Tumblr, was the first such event to be held at an international auction house. It raised just $90,600 — enough to buy a few square inches of a Christopher Wool painting. The top price of $16,000 went for “Asymmetric Love Number 2,” a chandelier made out of CCTV cameras, by the American “anti-disciplinarian” artist Addie Wagenknecht. Continue reading The market for computer-created artwork is growing

How Neo-Ren is this?

The first online-only art biennale is live


Glitch art at the New Digital Art Biennale

Glitch Twitter

The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale is officially open to visitors. The amount of digital art work arrayed across its 30 or so online pavillions is gobsmacking, and I heartily encourage you to go lose an afternoon in there. The Wrong obsensibly has no theme, instead devolving curatorial responsibility to each of the talents in charge of the pavillions. But its name, coupled with its official partnership with the Glitche app (which allows iPhone users to glitch their own images), makes me wonder what sort of glitch art will be exhibited.

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How Neo-Ren is this?